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If you are interested in exhibiting in our beautiful Gallery space here at Highwaymans, if you have a range of products that or if you know anyone who would, we’d love to hear from you!

The Gallery is available for hire at £250 per week, or alternatively we can take a 40% commission on all works sold There are a range of ways to get in touch: – Call Juliet Fisher, our Artistic Director, on 01284 810283 or 07884 978016 Email us a booking form at We are happy to talk you through the process of exhibiting here, from how we can promote your work, to discussing possible dates, and contracts. We are open to a range of different media – from sculpture, to ceramics and painting.


Current Artists Exhibiting

We are currently exhibiting some fantastic landscape pieces created by Kimberley Harris. Her artwork captures some stunning scenery that evokes an array of emotions.

The specrtum ranges from a rather gloomy, somewhat reflective mood, making the viewer question their human condition in an omnipotent world that is vastly more superior than they; to a much more hopeful outlook on life with dazzling displays of incandescent light bursting through the clouds in order to animate beautiful flowers. It somewhat personifies them, they seem as if they are ‘dancing’.
We are also exhibiting some picturesque but impressionistic displays of art by Rachel Mower. Her landscape works, much like Kimberley’s, capture scenes from the marvellous countryside, yet Rachel’s acrylic work is much more vibrant and bursting with colour. They are extremely aesthetically pleasing to look at and as such, they catch your eye, whilst increasing your receptivity concurrently. Rachel’s work also includes a few eccenric portraits of animal caricatures. they are quirky but cute; funny yet appealing.
Should you wish to enquire further about these please contact

Exhibition Details

Press release:

Twelve artists from across the UK are exhibiting in Suffolk from April 12 and sales of their work will help raise funds for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI). The Rural Themes exhibition at The Gallery Highwaymans in Risby, Bury St Edmunds aims to raise awareness of the valuable work the RABI does for the farming community.

It will feature paintings by Clare Blois and textiles by Jacque Wakely from Scotland, Eric Pentecost and Charles Summers from Cornwall, Celia Bennett from Gloucester, Mark Weston from West Sussex, Jerry Alexander from Essex, Nick Andrew from Wiltshire, Fiona Scott-Wilson from Kent, Clive Meredith from Hampshire, Susie Lidstone from Surrey and Gerry Defries from London.

The artists belong to Creative Coverage, which represents selected professional artists and craftspeople.

Please see the Creative Coverage website for further details.

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